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Agriculture in Konya


Konya city is in the southern part of Middle Anatolian Region named with its own name. With an area of 41.001 km2, Konya is the largest province in Turkey. Average altitude of Konya is 1.016 m.  Konya is generally has a broad and flat area with lowlands and plateaus. The terrain gets gradually rougher in the southern parts and the province's southernmost parts are mountainous, surrounded by Taurus mountains. Plateaus covered by rich steppes are important factors which effects the agriculture and animal husbandry sectors.

10% of total agricultural production of Turkey is provided by Konya. With its 2.6 millions hectare of farmlands, Konya has a very significant rate of total agricultural field of the country with the percentage of 11.2%. 2.659.890 hectares of overall acreage of the province is suitable for agricultural activities.

The most prominent flour factories of Turkey are in Konya. While 25% of sugar production of the country is provided by four separate sugar factories in Konya, 65% of total salt production of our country is also performed in our province. A big part of agricultural production in Konya plays an important role by providing grain, sugar beet and pulse demands of our country. The plant which has the highest part in industrial production is sugar beet. Konya is the province which performs the sugar beet production of Turkey at the highest rate. In respect of grains, approximately 10% of overall production of Turkey is grown in Konya. In this respect, wheat and barley take the first place. Chickpea, dried beans, green lentil and red lentil lead the way in respect of pulses.

In respect of agricultural production of Turkey, Konya supplies 11% of the Common Wheat, 25% of Durum Wheat, 14% of Barley, 35% of Sugar beet, 8% of Corn, 10% of Dried Pulses and 9% of Sunflower on its own.

Fruit farming has also developed in Konya in recent years. Especially in cherry farming, Konya took the first place in Turkey. In Konya, 76,000 tons of cherry were produced in 7000 hectares (2016). Interest in fruit growing in mountainous areas is increasing day by day.

The organic farming activities of our province have been continued at a very advanced level. Organic farming is especially performed at the districts of Aksehir, Eregli, Doganhisar and central villages.

Seed growing and seed production of Konya are also at a quite advanced level. The province is at the first place in Turkey with its 38% share in seed production. Approximately 280.000 tons of seeds are grown on 650.000 decares of area by 6.550 farmers.

Konya was the leader producer of:

Wheat (2,1 Million tons)

Sugar beet (5,7 Million tons)

Dried beans (70.000 tons)

Carrot (337.000 tons)

and Konya was also a top player in the production of:

Barley (810.000 tons)

Cherry (76.000 tons)

Chickpea (3.000 tons)

Potato (550.000 tons)

Sunflower (213.000 tons)

Mushroom (4.600 tons)

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