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Eray Tarım was established to provide services in especially in modern irrigation systems, fertilizing, agricultural project preparation areas.

Expert and experienced staff are working diligently on projecting drip irrigation systems and supplying correct and high quality materials accordingly. Given that water resources are scarce, it is important that the right irrigation projects are brought together with the farmers.

In addition to drip irrigation systems, the agricultural technologies developed in the world are closely followed by us. The application of automation systems developed in irrigation reduces irrigation costs especially labor. In this direction, projecting and installation of pivot irrigation systems is also offered to the service of our farmers.

Specialist agricultural engineers have always aimed to be with our producers at every stage of production. Within this scope, fertilizer and spraying programs specific to the region and the product are made for every kind of agricultural product, and our farmers are closely followed during the production season. The products of high quality and selected companies required for plant nutrition are included in our product portfolio.

In addition, all kinds of project works are being done to spread the orchart in our country and even in our region. In this respect, our company is sensitive to the cultivation of accepted fruit varieties in the world markets, giving all kinds of consultancy support to our producers who want to invest in this issue and establishing a turnkey fruit garden.

Our company offers consultancy services for preparation of correct and alternative projects of our producers who are planning to apply for any credit support such as irrigation grant supports, IPARD, KOP, KOSGEB, Bank of Ziraat informing and follow up at every stage in the process up to delivery

Our company endeavors for every extra penny earned by the irrigation, fertilization and spraying methods of our manufacturer's technique, and sees the farmer's earning as country gain.

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